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PLEASE NOTE: Since all listed establishments are in B.C., Canada, that part of the address has been left out of the record fields. If you will be mailing letters to any of the postal addresses listed, please remember to add, "BC, Canada" between the City and Postal Code.

To get the most out of the features available on the search function, I suggest you read the more detailed information offered below (search help), while having the search form open in another window so that the 2 windows are side by side. (Open the HELP window, and from there, open the FORM window.)

Click here to open the search HELP window.

Click here to open the search FORM window.

SEARCH BASICS: (For those who don't need detailed help)
(near) Major City: The name of the closest major city.
City: Addresses within the city itself.
Price: The maximum amount you are willing to pay. You MUST use <
Type: Such as camp ground, hostel, hotel, etc.
Region: The 6 tourism regions of B.C.

Use of the 4 Search Options check boxes:
MATCH ANY will cause all records with ANY of the specified field criteria to be found (This broadens the search).
MATCH CASE will cause the search to become case sensitive.
WHOLE WORDS searches for whole words.
REG. EXPRESSION searches for a regular expression.

Keyword Search is used to search all fields for the word you typed into the box.
Max. Returned Hits is the maximum number of records that will be displayed on each page of results.

Accommodations operators may register here to open an account and have their business listed for free for a limited time.

Registered operators of accommodations may log in here to make changes to their own records.

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