Please read the following critical information:


Sending an e-mail will expose your e-mail address to the person you sent the e-mail to because your e-mail address will be set as the return address on outgoing mail, while the member whose e-mail button you clicked on keeps their address a secret until they decide to e-mail you back! Do not use the e-mail function unless you trust the person you are e-mailing with your e-mail address.
However, posting messages and sending a Private Message (PM) through this board will not expose any of your personal information.



Your privacy is respected. The e-mail address you supply is shielded from e-mail harvesters and will only be used for initial registration and to communicate with you or to notify you as per your preferences as selected by you at the time of registration (you may change your preferences at any time). We will never sell or distribute your e-mail address to anyone!


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