Where did the idea of the Love Triangle come from?

The idea for the love triangle came from the Triangle of Fire, which is used to train firefighters. The triangle of fire has 3 key components: oxygen, fuel, and heat. If any one of these key components is missing or removed, you cannot have fire. From this, I theorised that love may also work in the same way. We all have our own personal requirements. It is up to us to determine what those requirements are, but many of us have never stopped to really think about it. Most of us just meet someone and if the feeling is right, we pursue the relationship. This 'feeling' is often referred to as, 'chemistry'. This little survey asks us to think about what we really want from our partners.
love triangle

I have chosen to use 3 traits as a test. Will determining the 3 most important factors be sufficient? Will the lack of only one of these 3 factors be enough to ruin a relationship?

Please participate in this survey and post your comments in the forum.

Thanks for your participation!

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