British Columbia is located on the far west of Canada. B.C. is bordered to the east by the Canadian province of Alberta, to the south by the American states of Idaho and Washington, to the west by the Pacific Ocean and Alaska, and to the north by the Canadian Yukon Territory. The 947,800 sq. kilometer (365,851 sq. mi.) province is home to 4.5 million people, the vast majority of which reside in the greater Vancouver area.

Climate and temperature vary widely throughout the province. Winters are very cold and snowy in the north (with the exception of the North Coast, which is much milder due to the ocean's warming influence) and summers are warm, with long evenings due to the high latitude.

The south coastal region of British Columbia enjoys mild, mainly snow free winters (with the exception of the local mountains) and warm to hot summers. There are some that say winter never really comes to the West Coast - this makes the region perfect for year round visits. The majority of Vancouver's rainfall is in the winter months, but there are many free and nearly free things to do even if it pours. Rainfall in Vancouver does mean snow on the mountains and Vancouver and environs are well known for fantastic skiing, snow-boarding and other winter pursuits.

Summer visitors to the Vancouver area are treated to a showy mountain backdrop to the city and easy access to beautiful beaches, waterfalls, suspension bridges, hiking and walking trails, sailing and other ocean based activities.

Victoria, the capital city of the province, is situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Visitors to Vancouver Island are treated to a delightfully scenic 1 hour ferry ride to reach the Island. The ride through the spectacular Gulf Islands sometimes even affords visitors a free whale watching opportunity of the killer whales that visit the area every summer.

Victoria and its surrounding communities offer many attractions both free or low cost and admission charging. The Parliament buildings and nearby Provincial Museum are central to the Victoria core. In close proximity to the downtown core is Beacon Hill Park with its children's petting zoo, play areas and gardens. Spreading away from the city are beautiful beaches (some rocky and rustic, some sandy), fish spawning areas, a restored fort and working lighthouse housing a museum.

We are aiming to provide you with information on free or nearly free sights around the province of British Columbia. We will be adding to this site as we amass more information. There is much more to see than what is listed right here. At present, we are focusing on the Vancouver Coast & Mountains and Vancouver Island regions.

For free B.C. travel information and reservations from Super, Natural British Columbia, call toll-free from anywhere in North America: 1-800-663-6000.
International callers can phone: 1-250-387-1642.
For local calls from the B.C. Lower Mainland, phone: 663-6000

Free travel guides: Call 1-800-HELLO BC from within North America or visit www.HelloBC.com

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