Thanks to the South Delta Leader newspaper and their Father's Day contest, my children, my mate and I went River Rafting June 27, 2007 on the Thompson River from Spence's Bridge to Lytton. I had always been curious about river rafting, as my ex-wife grew up in Lytton and told me about Kumsheen Rafting adventures. In the early days of the company, she and her sister had gone down the river in the paddle rafts and her sister actually fell out of the raft. Despite having fallen out, she still enjoyed herself so much that it inspired her to write a song about rafting on the river. That was many years ago, but the memories live on.

On our bus trip to Spence's Bridge, the guide pointed out some of the rapids we would be travelling over and was trying to scare us, however nobody chose to chicken out. I guess we all knew that Kumsheen had an impeccable record of safety. The morning run was fairly lame, but after our stop for lunch, we ran through some pretty exciting rapids. Our boat motor conked out once, and our guide had to hustle to get it running again (the fuel line got pulled out). Otherwise it was all very controlled and deliberate. Each power raft carries a spare motor and every guide must pass rigorous training and be capable of changing out boat motors in under a minute! Our guide proved his abilities in that he diagnosed the problem and had it fixed and the engine running again in a matter of seconds. Also, there is always a safety raft ahead of us to assist if anything should go wrong. These folks have years of experience and they are prepared for almost everything.

Floating down the river gives a different perspective of the canyon than what you see from the road, and the guide tells stories of each section as we pass it. Our guide was prone to telling tall tales, so one had to take what he said with a large grain of salt. It was intended to be more entertaining than factual, I think. At the end of the trip, we disembarked at the junction of the Thompson River and the Fraser River. Our bus ride back to the resort took us through the town of Lytton, so my children got to see where their mother grew up.

Judging by the expressions on every one's faces, I can safely say that everyone had a great time.

I'm including a picture of my children and me at the resort prior to our rafting trip, and one from the trip itself. I chose a picture where the raft was in calm water so that we can see our faces. For pictures of the rafts going over the rapids, please visit http://www.kumsheen.com/ .

Me and my children

Our group on the raft

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