Transportation in the Greater Vancouver Area

1-800-663-6000 for general information provided by the Ministry Of Tourism.

Air Travel:
Vancouver International Airport  Live arrivals and departure information (the same as seen on the monitors in the airport).  Track airplanes as they fly. (image over map plus speed, altitude, etc.)  Track airplanes as they fly. (image over map plus speed, altitude, etc.)   another flight tracker   another flight tracker   International passenger flight tracking facility. Check the status of your cargo or package.
Virgin Atlantic   An interresting assortment of tools for Virgin Atlantic customers.
1-800-663-3721 Air B.C.
1-800-665-0212 Harbour Air

Automobile, Bicycle or Public Transport:
Greater Vancouver traffic conditions.   This site is a one-stop resource for travel by car, bicycle or public transportation in the Greater Vancouver area!

Ferries within B.C.:
B.C. Ferries

1-888-BC-FERRY (toll free in B.C.)
1-250-386-3431 Victoria office
1-604-277-0277 Vancouver office  (web site)
G.P.S. tracking:  Track each ferry on a map.
actual departure times:  See what time each ferry actually left the dock (good to know if you need to meet the ferry on the opposite side)
current conditions:  parking conditions; weather conditions; see if there is an overload of traffic or not.

Ferries between B.C. and the United States:
1-250-386-2202 Black Ball Transport
1-800-888-2535 (toll free) Clipper Navigation
1-250-361-9144 Victoria Express
1-800-668-1167 (toll free) Victoria Line
1-800-443-4552 (toll free) Victoria San Juan Cruises
1-800-818-7799 (toll free) Victoria Sea-Land Express
1-800-843-3779 (toll free) Washington State Ferries

1-888-475-3396 (toll free) Enchanted tours
1-800-663-8390 (toll free) Gray Line Tours
1-250-655-4465 Scenic Gulf Island Ferry Tours
1-250-480-0971 Victoria Harbour Ferry

Public transit.   Translink provides public transportation for all of the Vancouver area.
1-800-668-3393 (toll free) McCullough Coach Lines
1-800-661-1725 (toll free) Pacific Coach Lines

1-800-665-0200 (toll free) The Esquimalt and Nanaimo (E&N) Dayliner.

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