Overview of The Islands region

The Islands region is comprised of Vancouver Island and a myriad of small islands. The most popular of these smaller islands are the Southern Gulf Islands; the populated ones being Galeano, Mayne, Saturna, North and South Pender Islands, and Saltspring Island. These are the islands that the ferries wind through on the route between Tsawwassen (on the mainland) and Swartz Bay (on Vancouver Island); one of the main routes between Vancouver and Victoria.
Vancouver Island is the largest island in North America, measuring approximately 450 km from north to south, and averages about 90 km in width. The total land area is 32,260 square km and its coastline measures in at 3,440 km. Vancouver Island's highest mountain is Mount Golden Hinde, at 2,200 m, and the highest waterfall in Canada, Della Falls, at 440 m is also here.
Most of Vancouver Island's population of 672,000 people live on the southern half of the island, and of that, most people live in and around the city of Victoria (the capital city of British Columbia).

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